By Our Reporter
TIGO, one of the long-time booming mobile network providers in the country, seems to be headed towards grief.
The company, which for long has boasted of being one of the crowd pullers as far as cell phone services are concerned, seems to have been chewing more than it can swallow over the years. This is witnessed by the erratic, disorderly services which its clientele has been subjected to for years across the country.
For example, the company’s network was completely kaput (today Wednesday morning) as the writer of this article clicked his fingers on the computer.
Tigo, the provider of the said services which was the resort of the poor masses in the country, seems to have lost its sense of direction as far as professionalism is concerned.
On a larger scale, Tigo’s weakness is witnessed by the fact that the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) severely warned and promised tougher penalties against Tigo for its bad network especially dropped calls and poor voice signal reception early last month.
This is just one proof of Tigo’s incompetency in provision of the said services.
The habitual absence of the company’s network in the air, has provided thought to its clientele for the necessity of having a substitute network provider for the said services as everything now seems to grind to a halt.
Despite the never-ending erratic services catered by Tigo to its customers for years, in the recent days the effect of the said unpredictable services has been very devastating economically and socially.
Right now, customers who had solely relied on the services of Tigo for everything, including money transactions and communications, are running in confused circles as they are almost exposed to inconveniences now and then.  They are highly a frustrated lot!
On a note of frankness, complaints from customers against Tigo have been unending.  For example this morning, following the breakdown of its network, all subscribers on Tigo Facebook fan page wrote that they were quitting Tigo services to join Airtel, Vodacom, Zantel, TTCL, and other providers whom they said provided efficient and prompt services.
Business activities which depend on communications and financial transactions – through Tigo – are completely jammed.  Serious issues such as medical care, which normally go hand in hand with money transactions, have left millions of Tigo customers in the darkness of pain and helplessness.
This is not to mention people with crucial missions who are stuck in various places for lack of finances which would have enabled them to move from place to place and effect dozens of plans and undertakings.
The huge sea of anguish which Tigo has subjected its clientele into, is now leaving helpless millions of customers, from school  children to poor mothers in both urban and rural areas as they flee to seek for solutions from other companies.
One of the severe problems caused by the erratic Tigo services, revolves around the financial transaction services – Tigo Pesa!  Such a crucial feature in the said services has always gone not without disappointments on the part of its customers.
The breakdown in such services has been a ‘common dish’ which has always left big numbers of customers wailing and cursing.  What is queer is that the company –  a continental entity — seems to have been taking the said problems for granted as no seemingly serious steps are taken to solve them.
The company which in the early years of this business became euphoric for attracting under its shade more customers than any other mobile network providers at one time, has, as said before,  been obviously chewing more than it can swallow!
Over the years, the number of its customers seems to dwarf the capacity of the company’s services to the same.
In other words, the erratic services which the company’s customers have been experiencing is a pointer to the  need for the company to take note of the economic realities and professionalism.
Tigo which was one of the first such companies to land in Tanzania, has to live up to its market pledges, as its current failures is now costing it and threatening it to become a forgotten, cursed item in the eyes and ears of Tanzanians.
The company can now hardly prove its worth to Tanzania’s economic and social needs.  It has failed to keep its  pot boiling in the positive way  as an efficient service provider.
By and large, for survival Tigo authorities have to come to wisdom today – not tomorrow!  Failure to head this call, Tigo will be heading to its obvious downfall and death, leaving the battle in the hands of its competitors!
Tigo can make it now, or it break it now!


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