Yaya Solo Kimbango from City of Kansas City, Missouri is Looking for Supporter



My name is Murishi Sylvestre (Yaya Solo Kimbango) I was born in Congo, In 1996. i grew up in Mtabila Camp, and my parents are Burundian. I came to America in 2009. I love music a lot. so in2009, I started singing in choir. In 2010.
 I started learning how to play instruments. In 2011 I became a very good musician and I started to create my own music. i speak three different languages and they are Kurundi, Swahili and English. 
I love God so much, I love to sing and also to communicate with other people.
For more contact, please here is my E-mail and phone number.
y.aya46@yahoo.com 816-756-8442
May God bless all of you!

One Comment

  1. My name is Roger, so I would like to know if you are a kimbango cristans and olso l so your biography thanks a lot.



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