Digital Migration Issues – Press release from Dstv



As Tanzania moves towards a digital future and switches off its analogue signals, MultiChoice would like to assure its subscribers that through its Pay TV service, there will be no interruption during the digital migration process as DStv is already digital. 

 MultiChoice Africa Regional Director for East Africa, Mr Stephen Isaboke said, Tanzanians who are already subscribing to DStv  will not need to migrate. 

 “DStv is already digital, and as the pioneering Digital (satellite) TV offering, we have been providing digital television to Tanzanians and the rest of Africa for the past 17 years. Through our DStv offering we have been providing subscribers with more channels to choose from, better picture and sound quality plus exciting additional features like on screen TV guides. Through the different DStv bouquets, we also offer our subscribers flexibility in pricing and choice.” 

 In certain countries, where feasible, MultiChoice Africa has agreements with the national broadcaster to carry their channels. In Tanzania MultiChoice has an agreement with The Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation to carry TBC on the DStv platform where it is available on Free View basis. The addition of other free to air channels on the DStv platform is dependent satellite capacity and agreements reached with the owners of the channels.  Continue reading →


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