The mysterious woman in black, who finished her journey across the United States last week, is still fascinating many social media users who suspect she is linked to the escalating conflict in Gaza.

 Responding to the hashtag #womaninblack, one twitter user wrote on his personal account: “People are talking about a mysterious #WomanInBlack.. Does it have anything to do with #Gaza?”


Another user ‏@dogmaticfan questioned “is it Hamas?” while another user described her as “The #gaza strip ghost” One user even asked: “Is it true that the #WomanInBlack walks for murdered Muslims all around the world? #USA #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #SupportGaza #BoycottIsrael.”


Meanwhile, some other media users speculate that the woman in black may be a Muslim. @Othmanbay
described her as the “#Muslim woman wearing black abaya,” while Rich Gillis, a Facebook user simply questioned if she was a Muslim given her black attire and veil.


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