TLS set to challenge assembly meeting in court


By Ptere Sarambe 
 Arusha. The Tanganyika Law Society goes to court tomorrow to seek a constitutional interpretation of the legality of the ongoing Constituent Assembly sitting in Dodoma. 
TLS president Charles Rwechungura confirmed in Arusha that preparations for filing the matter at the High Court in Dar es Salaam had been finalised. He said TLS was also contemplating if the same case could be filed in Zanzibar as well.
Mr Rwechungura spoke after a half-year review meeting of TLS members. “A team of experienced constitutional lawyers has been assembled to steer the case. We are set and ready to seek the legal basis of this process as it is now,” he told reporters. 
The TLS president said they intended to ask the High Court to interpret Section 25 of the Constitutional Review Act that spells out the powers of the CA. Section 25 of the Act talks about the powers of the CA to discuss the second draft constitution submitted by Mr Joseph Warioba, who led the Constitutional Review Commission.
 “We will also ask the court to state if a binding constitution will be derived by a section of the CA currently in Dodoma while another section is locked out,” said Mr Rwechungura. 

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