Mr. Elihuruma Ngowi has joined Serengeti Breweries Ltd. as Brand Manager with a profound experience in Customer Care, Marketing and Sales after having spent over eight (8) years at Vodacom Tanzania Ltd.


At Vodacom, he worked in various departments from Customer Care to Marketing and finally with Sales & Distribution Department where he held key positions, most notably as Product Marketing Manager, Devices & Alternative Channels Manager and Franchise Operations Manager respectively. He is also the Vice President and co-founder of CIBN Tanzania Ltd.


Mr. Ngowi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) degree from the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. He also expects to graduate his master’s degree in International Business (Investment in Emerging markets) from the University of Dar es Salaam Business School later this year.


He is a strong believer on strong performance. He believes that one has to over deliver and outshines their performance. He also believes that people have to network with the right people, have a positive pride on your performance and be able to sell your results, successes and achievements and celebrate. Always treat people with high integrity and honesty and learn to hold courageous discussions. Spiritual powers should not be forgotten. Remember to say your prayers at all times.


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